Auguste K. revisits the famous recipe of the Bordeaux' cannelé to turn it into a unique and infinite taste experience. Auguste K. offers the world an incomparable creation to share without moderation: "The French Cannelé"!

Auguste K.'s Word !

Our garantees


For Auguste K. the taste is a reflection of the quality of natural ingredients. Our cannelé are made from French products made with fresh milk, fresh eggs and Martinique rum from Galion Bay. We have banned the use of palm oil or coconut oil. Our Fruity, Gourmet and Savoury collections are guaranteed without GMOs.


Auguste K. creates his first boutique in the heart of the history of the city of Bordeaux, between the Place de la Bourse emblematic place and the Place du Parlement authentic place.


Auguste K. offers a unique experience through flavors developed for the pleasure of all palates. Five Collections and 23 cannelés to create in each of us this emotion of taste!


To answer all your desires, Auguste K. assures you the freshness of these products. Auguste K., you propose a choice of complete deliveries, according to your expectations of the moment.

Our search of the taste

Auguste K. is in perpetual search of new flavors.

For our first collections we have selected original flavors such as edamame, chocolate with squash seeds, sunflower and quinoa, black cherry ... and new fragrances are coming soon ... Auguste K.'s words!

Our commitment

The emotion of the taste is only valid if it is shared, Auguste K. follows you and accompanies you as close as possible to your expectations.

A first shop in Bordeaux, at the heart of the cannelé tradition to savor, exchange and compose new recipes with you.

An online site to deliver without any distance or time constraints.

A presence on social networks to listen and communicate with our community. A specific need during your professional or personal events: a reception, a family meal, a business gift ... We can help you in your choice through a price offer and services tailored to your needs.

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The story of the cannelé

Of mysterious origin, the legend tells that the cannelé would be born in the 18th century by the nuns of the convent of Annonciades, under the name of "canelas" or "canelons". But these "canelas" did not look like our contemporary cannelé. This very thin dough cake was rolled around a cane stalk and fried with lard. What is sure, however, is that the story of this cupcake is completely linked to the history of Bordeaux and wine. Indeed, during the "collage" stage of the wine, the wine was traditionally filtered in vats with egg white. The unused egg yolks were given to the nuns who would have made this delicious cake in fluted copper molds.

Today culinary heritage of Bordeaux, the cannelé became a unique pastry and recognized internationally.

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